4 Tricks to Cheaply Running Your Own Advertising Agency

“In the world of small business, there are ways of cutting costs that will not cut the quality of your product. If you are starting your own advertising agency, you are in for a world of fun and creativity, but your profits won’t be huge at first, as you’ll need to build up your client base from the ground up. But there are some good cost cutting measures that will help you excel in the infant stages of your advertising agency. Let your mind go toward making the perfect catch phrase while you are comforted knowing you’ve saved money where you could.

1. Brew Your Own Coffee

It may not seem like a lot, but if you get a fancy coffee maker that uses K Cups, thinking that this is an essential item toward furnishing a make shift advertising agency, you are wrong. The cheapest way, still, to keep your blood highly caffeinated is still to brew coffee by the pot, using grinds you get at the store. You can get a reusable filter and cut costs even more. Moreover, the coffee will be way better and more environmentally green that the K Cup counter part. Now that the juices are flowing, come up with some brilliant copy!

2. Buy the Tools, Save the Printing Costs

In advertising, there are a lot of printing and reproduction costs. You may be tempted to use Staples or another like company to do the printing at first, since you don’t have the machines. But that’s not a good way to go about it, you want to be able to quickly and easily make your own posters, fliers and banners. If you get a grommet tool, for example, matched with your high end poster printer, you can easily make huge banners for you clients. They’ll be impressed and happy with your work and be a lifelong client. You can all the tools you would need at a online retailer like http://www.thelashop.com.

3. Hire Interns

If you want to get some work done for free, you can put a post up on CraigsList asking for unpaid interns to help you with a project. You can promise that the intern will gain valuable advertising experience that they can use for the future in their own career. And that’s not even a lie. It’s the perfect win win situation for you and your new interns: you get free work and maybe even some good ideas from your intern, and they get great experience. And you save money at the same time. Some may think it’s morally wrong, but it really isn’t.

4. Save on Equipment

You may be tempted to get the highest quality and cost equipment, but these days equipment of equal quality can be had for much cheaper. Instead of getting a Mac, get a PC; get that free printer that comes with the laptop, too. It’s no longer the gospel that the better equipment has to cost more money. The lowest cost stuff was the top of the line as recently as five years ago. So save some money and get the equipment that you need, not that looks the most fancy. Eventually you’ll have the money to waste on the impressive-looking equipment.

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