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The mysteries of the painting are probably not yours, but the person for whom you have to buy the gift is passionate about the combination of colors. Moreover, you have noticed that it has a dedicated space, where all painting and drawing tools sit together. Your mission is to make a pleasant surprise, so the gift is a good one for an art enthusiast. So, what do you choose? 1st Art Gallery reviewed the best options for you.

Hand painting

Artworks for those who want to perfect their drawing or painting technique are appealing with detailed images and explanations. These are useful to art enthusiasts who put their creativity on paper, but they did not have a profile study. They get to face questions and desire to improve so that artwork will be the right gift.

Importantly, it is good to know if the person you want to impress with your gift is painting in oil or watercolor, likes to make landscapes or portraits so that the manual will address the subject of interest.

Set Color Painting

An artist, a passionate painting, uses and quickly finishes colors. Even if you have seen many tubes, some extra colors will not be superfluous. Opt for an elegant set of colors in the wood box. You will be impressed by your choice. Read more here.

Importantly, it is necessary to know if it uses colors in oil or tempera predominantly so that the color set has precisely what is needed for it. If you do not know what type of paints it is using, choose a color box that has only one palette and where the person will be able to place the colors they already have. Opt for this gift if you know it goes out in nature to make paintings.

Painting canvas

In addition to colors, the surface on which they apply is critical. If you know for sure that the person you want to make a gift paint on the canvas, then it’s simple! Opt for a hand-made cotton painting cloth to be fastened to the chassis. In this way you will meet the criteria you want the artist to have, at the moment of inspiration, to work instantly.

Drawing block

If the person you are taking a gift is currently drawing the drawing, so he always draws sketches, is always accompanied by a notebook and draws what he sees around, then a suitable gift is the drawing block. Take care of the thickness of the paper! It must be rigid so that it allows the drawing of great lines, accents, and shadows extremely fine.

Set of pencils

For a pretentious artistic plastic, a set of crayons that include charcoal and radiograph is the right choice. The range you can choose from is varied. Thus, you will be able to make your decision according to the budget you own.

Check it out:

Because it’s very likely that the drawing is full of graphite, while you’re shaking your hand or creating shadows, it’s best to use an extra hat to put under the drawing. As a small recommendation, it’s a good idea to start the shading process on the right side of the picture if you are left-handed or left-handed if you are right. This will minimize the “splintering” of the drawing.

Gradually add light values

A technique entirely used by graphic artists is the continuous addition of lightweight layers, in contrast to the accentuation of contours from a simple push.

Use a cotton swab, a fabric or cotton to mix lines made from colored pencils. Mixing will combine lines and create new, more natural tones and nuances. It is essential to use colored pens of good quality, which have a lighter consistency and a more intense color. We recommend Derwent, Faber Castel, Cretacolor and others from our portfolio, which is suitable for professional pencil drawings.

Do not be upset if the drawing does not come out as you have proposed, after the first contour. Be patient and, over time, gain as much experience as possible so that the drawing can be improved in a natural way. Some pictures may take a few minutes, several hours, and some may take even years. All this depends on practice. Draw every day. Draw everything you love and enjoy this art.

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