How to Keep Your Garden Safe from Invasive Bugs This Summer

While gardening is meant to be rewarding and soothing to your soul and mind, it’s not without its challenges. Summertime bugs, for instance, are annoyances that it seems you spend weeks getting rid of. Or trying to, at least. You can better prep your garden defensive against pests this summer with the upcoming advice, so take notes.

Spritz Plants with a Combination of Soap and Water Three Times Weekly

Soapy water makes it impossible for insect eggs to live on leaves and stalks of your plants. The soap suffocates the eggs while greasing the rest of the plant to ensure a tougher time for bugs to get a grip.

Be attentive to how much and how often you spritz your plants. Only spray enough to cover the plants up to three times per week. Too much soapy water could make it difficult for plants to soak up nutrients past the soap particles.

Give Bugs, like Slugs, Something Else to Munch on

Create a layer of grains around the perimeter of your garden (a foot or so out) so slugs and other crawling insects have something else to munch on. It’s more considerate than the other options listed, but it serves the purpose of keeping them from grazing on your garden.

Slow Crawlers? Make it Difficult for These Insects to Reach Your Plants, i.e. Slick Stakes, Grit around the Garden, etc.

The same slow crawlers mentioned in the above paragraph have a hard time crawling over uncomfortable terrain. So, layer grit around your garden to prevent those pests from being able to slime their way through.

The grit will stick to their bellies, making it near impossible for them to continue their trek without keeling over in the process. If they happen to make it over, slick your plant stakes with horticultural oils to ensure they can’t sneak their way to your leaves and blooms.

Try a Mixture of Epsom Salts for a Weekly Spritz—1/5 Ratio

Epsom salt is unpleasant for most insects because it mildly burns on contact. Mix 1-part Epsom salts with 5 parts water, then spritz your plants with them on a weekly basis. Be sure to spritz the soil and ground around the garden too. This method is especially effective when dealing with aphids.

Tip: Use custom sticker making to create labels for your gardening spritzes.

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