Wondering if We Can Get Fiber Here Soon

I have been waiting for some time for a chance to dump my cable company for a very long time. Of course I hate them for pricing their services at roughly twice what I think that it should cost me. Of course I am not sure what I really think about Verizon fios in New York. They have been digging up the intersection in this part of the world for some time and slowly they have been working their way out to where we live. It is a big deal if it is going to be less expensive than what I have now, because they are going to give you a much better service. So far as the amount of bandwidth they offer you it is probably a minimum of twice as much as I am getting at this point in time. The question is whether or not you are going to be able to make it work for you, a guy who is on a budget.

Obviously if some guy tells you that you can get twice as much of something you would want it, if you assume that the price makes sense for you. At the moment I pay around a hundred and twenty some dollars for both cable tv and internet service. They would give you home phone service for almost nothing more, but I have no need of that really. It does not make any sense if it costs twice what that is. I am not sure what I am paying for tv and what I am paying for internet. In fact I have no huge complaint about the internet aside from the cost of it. If some someone was able to give me the same type of bandwidth for half as much money I would want that.

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